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    COURSE DESCRIPTION: The Inter-Testamentary period, commonly known as the “years of silence,” and the history of the church, have immense value in Christian academic education since these periods provide compelling evidence to the impact that the Bible and Christianity have had on both Western and Eastern civilizations.

    Consequently, World Christian University offers the present quiz to concisely cover key aspects of these periods, while encouraging its students to further research these topics. This quiz is equivalent to the following mandatory courses from bachelor’s to doctorate degree, in any field under World Christian University: Inter-Testamentary Period-300 (3 credits); The Church: From Persecution to the Empire-350 (3 credits); Christian Thought-500 (3 credits). Thus, the student can earn as much as 9 credit hours from this quiz depending on the grade obtained.

    Main objectives: To achieve that the student body understands in its entirety the ministry of the grace of Jesus Christ, knowing that we have no merit or any privilege in the rescue but that everything is achieved through the Grace that our Lord gives us. It is a gift that we do not achieve with works, or through the law, but by grace we are saved through faith.